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What Every Cat Owner Bought and Loved

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Finding cat litter on carpeting, clothing, furniture, or even in your bed... is, well, really annoying sometimes. That's why every cat owner who bought this Litter Catcher absolutely loved it. It’s a perfect litter mat that will attract litter off your kitty’s feet like a magnet, the second he leaves his litter box. This mat features large and deep holes that trap litter from the litter box and your cat’s paws, keeping your house tidy and saving you unnecessary cleaning time.


Features and benefits:

  • Safe for your pets: Made of lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly EVA foam rubber that is soft on your kitty’s paws and won’t hurt your pets.
  • Double layer: It has two layers, the top one having large, deep holes in the surface. This makes it easy for your kitty to release any litter from it's paws into the lower or catch-all layer. The mat opens at one end so you can lift the mat, open it, and gather the kitty litter easily.
    • Waterproof: Is's completely waterproof in case of accidents, catch debris between two rubber layers while keeping your home cleaner. It works effectively with all types of cat litter!

      • Easy to clean: 3 methods to clean up: you can 1) tip, pour, or scoop the litters back into the litter box, 2) vacuum off after use, or 3) hose dirt off after use. Then wash with cold water and air dry to keep the litter mat from harboring odor-causing bacteria.
      • Available in 4 different sizes: Available in small 11.8inx11.8in, medium 15.7inx19.6in, large 17.7in x23.6in, X-large 21.6inx29.5in sizes to fit in different areas and felines of different sizes. A useful gift for your friends and loved ones who are cat owners too. 
      • Available in 5 Colors: Available in Black, Grey, Blue, Pink, and Brown.




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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews
      I no longer get litter stuck to my feet when I walk in my bathroom

      This litter mat works well! I no longer get litter stuck to my feet when I walk in my bathroom thanks to this mat!

      My cats spray litter alllll over 😅 so I might be buying another.
      there was a smell at first but after few minutes it was gone , i had to put it under my mattress to straighten it and worked just fine .
      All in all this is a great mat!

      furry rockets and litter gets thrown EVERYWHERE

      What's this??? A litter mat that actually *gasp* CATCHES litter??? I'm genuinely amazed. After years of dealing with a pathetic excuse for a litter mat that would just sadly sit in front of the litter box doing absolutely nothing but looking ugly, I finally decided to get a new litter mat that might actually do its job. And I am so so so glad I came across this one. The floor around my litter box is actually mostly litter free!!!! I cannot believe this is actually possible. Both of my cats are the type to launch out of their litter box like furry rockets and litter gets thrown EVERYWHERE. But this mat is large enough to catch the flyaways and keep them contained too!! Get this mat if you've been struggling with a sad litter mat forever like me. You really won't regret it!

      Works great with pellet litter

      Love this mat!! We just bought the tidy cats breeze system litter box and this mat works PERFECTLY to catch the pellets! Also, if you are concerned about needing a waterproof mat, I would recommend using this with a puppy pad placed on the inside of the mat.

      love this product

      These mats are designed very well. When I first pulled them out I thought the kitties would not want to walk on them. I was wrong. They even play and will lay on them. It does a great job at catching litter and keeping the floors clean.

      Love the honeycomb design

      I've tried different kinds of litter mats in the past and there were lots of disappointments because most don't contain litter very well. When I adopted a kitten recently who likes to dig and kick the litter for fun, I knew it was time for a good litter mat.

      I was debating for days if I wanted to spend so much money on cat litter mat, but it is SO WORTH IT! I bought 3 of these litter mats from Team11 after reading the reviews here on the website. So, why 3 litter mats? I have 3 litter boxes in different locations for two cats - a 2-year-old girl and recently adopted a boy kitten. They are both kickers... (I tried different kinds of litters - they still kick and track litter.)

      What I like about this product is that it catches most of the litter. It legitimately saves me time & It's super easy to clean. I'm lazy, so I use a portable mini vacuum to clean the litter trapped on the mats. Also, whenever I replace the litter with a new batch, I give the mats a little shake over the trashcan.