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Welcome to Team11.co

Who is team11.co?
We are a team of friends 👬👭 from Jordan 🇯🇴 and the US 🇺🇸;
our background is in E-Commerce, programming and marketing.
We wanted to create a business that we are passionate about, we dropped our daily jobs to do something we’re interested in, so we chose E-commerce and we wanted to sell stuff that we would buy, like anime/video games/TV shows/Memes related products and any new cool gadgets that we find useful and helpful or simply cool.
Our start was in 2017, at first we didn’t start as good as we should’ve but we kept the business running for 3 months and of course, had fully satisfied customers, but there was a lot to learn on how to make a really successful business.
So we put a hold on our project and went on almost a yearlong journey of learning what we should’ve made better and visited multiple places around the world in China, Russia, Middle East, and the United States to provide our customers with the best quality for the best prices.
 And now we are re-launching our business with all of our hard work and experience by testing on different models of e-commerce and hopefully with the help of our fans, we will provide the best service we can and we’ll always be honest as much as possible with our fans friends and customers.
Much love ❤ from all of Team11.co Team 😁.
Mo & Jack

if you have any suggestions or questions send us an email: 

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Or leave us a voice message at :

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