Pulsy™ Electric Pulse Neck & Back Massager

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This Electric Pulse Neck & Back Massager uses electrical nerve stimulation therapy to relief (Cervical Vertebra) pain & relax the muscles.

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Working at a desk for too long without changing your position, doing lots of household chores, poor posture and lack of physical activities or simply aging (Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease) causes tons of stress on your body and sometimes this can cause neck pain and muscle tension as well as causing arm pain in some cases. 

Sometimes our family/work environment can provoke stress, which in turn triggers headaches, neck pain, repeated migraines, stiff neck, and sleeping disorders.

You might say that all these symptoms are not life-threatening. Yeah, that’s true, but you can’t deny such discomfort can affect your career, family, and quality of life.

A sedentary lifestyle and poor posture are also no good for our health. Even hard training in the gym after sitting the whole day at your desk can lead to pinched nerves, tight muscles, and different types of injuries. So what, no physical activity at all? Or is there a solution?

Pulsy™ Electric Pulse Neck Massager is an electric pulse massager that eases muscle tension and cervical fatigue using different methods & technics.

Methods Used to Develop this device:

  • Meridian Acupuncture Magnetic therapy.
  • Messaging.
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
  • Electrical muscle stimulation.

    The built-in magnets provide massage for the neck acupoints, thus benefiting the stressed muscle tissues and nervous system in general. Such magnetic therapy reduces stress and helps ease the neck pain. The mechanical action by electric pulse stimulates the nerve acupoint.



    One of the great features of this device is the  3D intelligent fit technology, anyone can easily adjust the electrodes according to their neck. Electrode patch assures the use of numerous techniques in Chinese traditional medicine massage. So, the massager can be used on multiple body parts, for example, neck, back, leg, and waist, etc.. 



    • Balances your nervous system.
    • Eliminates pain.
    • Relaxes muscles.
    • Promotes blood circulation.
    • Improves oxygen supply, microcycle, nutrition of the tissue cells.



    • 8 kinds of Chinese traditional medicine massage manipulation are combined in one!
    • The neck strap can be freely adjusted to 160°.
    • It has 6 transferable modes.
    • Easy to use, movable device.
    • 100% Safe to use, low frequency.


      How To Use:

      All the information is available in the manual but here are some helpful tips.

      -For neck massage, just dap a towel in water and wipe your neck and use the device with the setting you are comfortable with.

      -The Pads for muscles pain :

      Apply on tensed muscles or in pain areas, make sure the pads are between pained area and choose the mode you are comfortable with, if you feel muscle contraction move the pads a little until you're comfortable.




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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 20 reviews

      My husband loves it so much, I bought another one for me too!


      It is very well made with great look and ergonomics. It is very fashionable. The massaging action is very unique as it is more like vibrations and needle like massaging. It takes time to get used to it but overall it seems to make my neck relaxed . overall i love it .


      Thank you for very fast delivery to Germany reached in 9 days. thank you. oe should read the manual first and then use it . it really reduce the nerve pressure and ease the pain . i recommend using it daily .


      Using it for a month already. Very pleased with it. My mother and sister are using it also. Good product worth every penny. Highly Recommended


      product arrived fast, relief some muscle tension .