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The Acupressure Reflexology Sandals facilitate a deep overall relaxation of the body. Utilizes traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment to improve your health. Slippers have 82 massaging tips to stimulate different acupuncture points when walking. Stimulates and revitalizes your body with just 5-15 minutes of daily use. Made from high-quality rubber and textured plastic to ensure durability and effectiveness.

Acupressure Massage Slippers is a newly-released footwear massager which applies reflexology and acupressure techniques backed by the latest scientific studies, which provides relaxation to the entirety of both of your feet, from the toes to the soles.


The rotating balls press into the pressure points on the bottom of your feet which, in turn, affects your whole body. Each ball is contrived to apply a maximum effect with minimal effort.



 *All These Benefits Are Backed up With Research studies and proven.

1. Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also called HBP or hypertension, can be controlled with a regular foot massage. Studies have also found that foot reflexology may help reduce systolic blood pressure and triglyceride.

2. Promotes Better Sleep

One of the benefits of foot reflexology is regular good sleep. A soothing and relaxing foot massage will help the body unwind, improve blood circulation and relax the nerves. These, in turn, will encourage restful sleep.

3. Fights Depression

According to popular studies in Reflexology Therapy, a foot massage through reflexology slippers will help people to reduce their anxiety and stress levels.

4. Relieves Aches and Pains

Foot reflexology also helps alleviate backaches. Schedule at least a 10-minute walk using reflexology slippers daily. Also, massage the soles and tops of your feet to relieve thigh pain or lower back pain, apply pressure by wearing reflexology slippers for a few minutes, to soothe the nerve tendons between the outer ankle bone and the Achilles tendon.

5. Eases PMS and Menopause Symptoms

Many older women suffer from classic symptoms of sadness, irritability, insomnia, bloating, fatigue, headaches, and mood swings during premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

These can be reduced and eased by reflexology slippers. Even symptoms of menopause like depression, knee aches, and hot flashes can be effectively reduced with acupressure footwear.

6. Help With Restless Leg Syndrome

One of the benefits of acupressure footwear is helping with restless leg syndrome, a kind of neurological disorder. Restless leg syndrome may cause problems sleeping, due to uncanny sensations like throbbing, pulling and the tendency to move your legs. Acupressure sandals put adequate pressure on the precise nerve points, which is the origin of pain. Reflexology sandals ensure help with good blood supply to all your nerve endings, making your legs flexible and healthy.

7. Relief from the exhausting fatigue

Even physical pains caused by cancer can be eased, through an acupressure footwear massage. Also, a committed team of Swedish researchers has recently found that reflexology was able to provide relief from the exhausting fatigue that so many people with multiple sclerosis suffer from.

8. Improves Blood Circulation

Due to sedentary lifestyles, most of us do not use the muscles of our feet properly. Also, improper footwear like tight shoes hampers normal circulation in the feet.

9. Helps You Relax

After a long tiring day, the best way to relax is a soothing and relaxing foot massage, particularly after walking around when our feet tend to swell up.

10. Makes Feet Healthier

One easy way to keep your feet healthy and free from all kinds of foot problems is a regular foot massage. It helps stimulate the muscles around your feet, lessens stiffness and even reduces pain in the ankles or the heels.

Plus, a short 5-minute foot massage daily will make your ankles strong and flexible, thus preventing unpleasant ankle and foot injuries. 

Tip : Recently we received complains that these sandals hurt to wear. It is expected at the beginning because there is too much tension in your feet. Please add socks and start with a few minutes only per wear for the first few days. After that, you will get used to this massage and bypass the discomfort, as your feet tension has been relieved by these massage buttons.


Specifics: 1cm=0.393inch, 1inch= 2.54cm

US Size

EU Size

Suitable foot length

8 38/39 24.5cm
8.5 40/41 26.5cm
9 42/43 27.5cm
10 44/45 29.5cm
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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

I had done a lot of research on these before I purchased them. When I received them I put them on for 15 minutes and wore them around the house while I did my household chores. I did wear socks with them. The last 5 minutes were a bit painful but I kept them on, just have to get used to them I am sure. The first night I slept better then I have slept in a really long time. I woke up with no knee pain or sciatica and back pain. I could actually get up from a setting position without struggling. I am 71 years old and my knees and back have been giving me a fit for a really long time. My husband was so impressed that he asked me to order him a pair. I truly believe in the health benefits that these offer and all without drugs and/or surgery. I will continue to wear them the recommended 15 minutes per day. I can't say enough positive things about these slippers, have already recommended them to my family and friends.


Love these but... you need to incremental ease into them.

I must say, that I love walking barefoot and as such my 50 year foot soles are thick and tough. Even with that fact, I could wear them a few minutes at a time but now i can wear them longer.

My opinion, is these spring loaded plastic pressure points sandals are better than my immobile stone sandals. The spring loaded points adjust to my physiology. Another plus is the velcro top adjustment feature.

They "look" cheap and plastic-ish, but are tough and functional. I was worried the spring loaded pressure points would pop out but that has not been the case.

On a strictly annoying point, the sandal lists the particular functionality of the pressure point which is cool...BUT try explaining to your buddies why the sandal has the words " Anus, Rectum, & Genital..." Not important enough to really care for me, but it may for you.


I suffer from Plantar fasciitis and have tried creams, night splints,socks shots anything you could think of. I came across these slippers looking for more solutions so I decided to give them a try. I have to be honest they HURT like crazy when they're on, but when you take them off it's a relief and am not talking about from wearing the shoe but from the Plantar fasciitis. I have been using them for 2 days so let's see how they work after a few weeks. They are good in my book. Wear it with a thick sock until you have used them for a while that helps with the pokey feeling.


They hurt like a mother when you just start using them. But once you're used to them, it's actually awesome how well they dig in. Definitely helpful for my plantar fasciitis. Sizing is accurate.


You can't/shouldn't wear these very long but they do the trick when I come home from a long day and my feet hurt. I put these on while I'm cooking dinner and when I take them off I feel some relief in my feet. Not easy to walk in but they aren't walking shoes :)